Tampa Fulfillment Center is leasing now for project completion in Summer 2020 with leasing opportunities available from 28,000 SF to 178,387 SF.

Gerard Keating

CEO, Keating Resources

(402) 925-5113

Kris Courier

Vice President, CBRE

(813) 273-8442

now available


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Tampa Fulfillment Center is Tampa’s first and only modern, urban warehouse to effectively address the real estate demands that new technologies and innovations are bringing about each and every day.

This modern, industrial last-mile property is centrally located at the geographic center of the Tampa metropolitan area and optimized for courier-based delivery through thoughtful planning while it’s flexible design accommodates multiple industrial uses including eCommerce last-mile and traditional warehouse/distribution.

Tampa Fulfillment Center is an excellent choice for any last-mile, eCommerce, warehouse, distribution, or fulfillment operation looking to make an impact in the Tampa Bay area.

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Tampa Fulfillment Center is ideally located for last-mile fulfillment and is also attractive for a multitude of industrial uses.

Through access to multiple modes of transportation, this site can service the Tampa Bay market, the state of Florida, and beyond.

  • Optimized for last-mile users with thoughtful site planning
  • Flexible design to accommodate multiple industrial uses
  • Ideal location at the geographic mean of Tampa Bay’s population